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(unique) 7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys – All price ranges covered

It seems like yesterday you were unwrapping Christmas presents and now it is time to start shopping for Valentine’s day presents. However, finding the best Valentine’s Day gifts for guys is hard.In fact, buying for a guy can be hard any time.

“What can I get him. He doesn’t like… anything?”


Well, that’s what it feels like anyway. I know this, because I am definitely, 100% that guy who is almost impossible to buy for. So seeing you are starting your Valentine’s day shopping now I will help you out.


Don’t worry, the ‘8 best Valentine’s Day gifts for girls’ post will come out on February 12, when guys start shopping.


Best Valentine’s Day gifts for guys: Under $30


1. A Finska Set: $25.49

You have probably seen dozens of these sets all Summer. The Scandinavian throwing game is a perfect combination of luck, skill, quick math, and day drinking. 

Find it here (ON SALE).


2. Esquire Magazine Subscription: $15 (1 year, auto-renewal)

The leading men’s lifestyle magazine is on a crazy discount at the moment. From expert articles to male advice, this subscription is a hit.

Find it here (ON SALE).


3. TEMPUS Classico wooden watch: 29.45

Wooden watches are the modern staple of a man’s wardrobe. This one is beautiful. Its two-tone combination blends the classic with the modern.

Find it here.


Best Valentine’s Day gifts for guys: Between $30 – $100

4. Levi’s Commuter Pants: Around $70, depending on size/availability 

I can’t tell you enough how good these pants are. Durable enough to wear every day, and stylish enough to not look out of place at work. These pants are comfortable enough to fly in, or ride a bike in (hopefully not at the same time though).

Find it here.


5. Why Knot Bundle Membership: A range of prices

Choose a style and package, then read on if it is right for you. Then sit back and let us do the rest. Recieve a bow tie, a gift, and membership to a closed online community of like-minded people where you can share ideas, stories, questions, or inspiration.

Find it here.


Best Valentine’s Day gifts for guys: Over $100

6. Sonos Play One wireless speaker: $149 (HALF PRICE)

A top-line wireless speaker that is under $150. Sign me up. Combine with other speakers in the range and you can connect to each simultaneously. These are voice activated and will put a smile on anybody’s face.

Find it here (MASSIVE SALE)


7. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine: $249.95

They say to find a man who does both. Well, it is the same here. This Nespresso coffee machine does both, well, it does everything besides drink the coffee for you. It’s new revolutionary Centri-fusion technology to gently brew both Coffee and Espresso with one touch of a button

Find it here.