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Your ultimate guide to Spring Carnival fashion

With race qualifiers coming up and the big meets just around the corner, it is time to start suit shopping. Spring Carnival fashion is an annoyance for some punters, and the reason some others go to the races in the first place.

If dressing yourself for the races seems like a daunting task, or if you just want a refresher, we have you sorted. Here is a collection of the best Spring Carnival fashion guides on the net. Included are style-guids, shopping reccomendations, and interviews with designers.


Why Knot Ties

Yep, you’re already here. We have an Ultimate cheat sheet to get you started on your way. Look through our essential guide and get an idea of what you need to organise, along with what you can and cannot get away with wearing.

Shop through our bow tie selection to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Your finishing touch may just become your centre point and feature piece. Furthermore, check out our handy infographic on finding (and wearing) the perfect suit. Remember, it is all about the fit; You can find it at the bottom of this post. You can find the infographic at the end of this post.


The Trend Setter gives you some stylish options for every race meet.

The Trend Spotter

Earlier this month the Trend Spotter released their 2017 fashion guide showing you some sound advice for dressing for the big race meets. They have also done a lot of the heavy lifting for you and included some excellent shopping options for you.

“It is best to remember that Spring Racing is premised on tradition and style etiquette, and your clothing should be an ode to the past but comprise of materials and superior tailoring courtesy of the present.”


Executive Style

The Australian site chatted to some of the country’s best designers and discussed what to wear to the races, along with what to avoid. While the article is a few years old, a well-cut suit stands the test of time.

“Accessories are the key to bring your suit to life and make you look sharp. Consider your options of a hat, cufflinks, gloves, pocket handkerchief, belt, tie, sunglasses, watch and a flower in your buttonhole. A serious fashionista will always wear a hat, a flower in your buttonhole and a smart pair of leather shoes.”


Spring Carnival Fashion
D’Marge pushes you to experiment with colour at the races. Make a splash.


Personally, D’Marge is my lease favourite Simpsons character, but they are a staple of the Australian lifestyle scene. Their guide to Spring Carnival fashion preaches style, colour, and individuality. Which, at the end of the day, is what fashion is all about.

“There are a limited few brands that offer the luxury experience, service and product knowledge customers should be experiencing. Seek out these brands. They will ensure you get the personalised experience and styling tips you deserve, products that are unique and suit your needs and personality ensuring you look and feel your very best while attending this year’s spring racing events.”

The infographic: Finding (and wearing) the perfect suit

Find your style and also find the ideal fitting suit with this quick style guide. If you can do these few things, you will be turning heads at any race meet.


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