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A letter from the guy behind the bow ties



I hope this finds you well. Welcome to Why Knot Ties, an Australian label that sells fun and funky bow ties.

I get asked all the time “why bow ties?”, whilst my response usually is a tongue-in-cheek “why knot”, there is an underlying reason.

Do you know that feeling you get when you know you look good? That feeling that you can do almost anything? That extra bit of confidence that helps you become your favourite self? Well, I want you and everybody else to have that feeling every day.

My name is Vince Massara, and I am the owner of Why Knot Ties and a proud high school teacher. Every design here has its story, and it is a story I want you to continue. Or better yet, create your own story. So many customers have shown how they have written their own Why Knot story. Whether it be a wedding, racing season, or just wanting to look good, every story makes me smile.


And remember if you don’t think you can ‘pull it off’… you totally can.

– Vince


Why Knot in the media


So, check the bow ties out


So you want to see the bow ties? First of all, good choice!

Second of all, you can check the shop out here. 


If you want to design your own


Whilst I know you’ll be happy with the designs that we have, If you want something a little more personal, then you can go here.

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