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Easy! Five self-care activities to rejuvenate your day

Some days are tougher than others to get through. When the world conspires to make your life an unbearable slog, you’ll need strategies to keep yourself in good spirits. In this blog, we’ll share five self-care activities which will help you unwind and relax after a rough day.


1) Taking a hot bath

Spent physically and emotionally after a long, hard day at work? Rejuvenate your body and mind by immersing yourself in a warm bubble bath. Its toasty water induces the dilation of blood vessels, helping to draw painful lactic acid from your muscles.

Also, it is theorised being surrounded by warm water brings us back to the days when we were in our mother’s womb – suffice to say, this relaxing, comforting sensation will help you forget the nonsense you endured just hours before.


2) Getting your hair trimmed

New look, new you – the saying may be a well-worn cliche, but there is an element of truth to it. On a day when nothing is going right, enhancing the appearance of your hair can be a quick and effective way to pull yourself out of a funk.

You won’t just get a mood-lifting hairstyle, though – the hour or two you’ll spend in the chair will give you a chance to pour your heart out to your hairdresser. Salons are chatty places, so don’t be shy – get whatever is bothering you off your chest.


3) Get a massage

Going through a brutal stretch? You’ll eventually feel it in your muscles, as they tighten up as a natural adaptation to stressful situations. An evolutionary response meant to protect your body from injury, prolonged periods of tension can cause their own aches and pains.

A deep, comprehensive massage can go a long way towards reversing the physical and mental stress you are experiencing.

By using slow, thick strokes, a masseuse will improve circulation, allowing muscles fibres to relax as they warm up from the inflow of blood.

It will also release endorphins from your muscle cells. These hormones act upon the brain to trigger feelings of euphoria and reduce the perception of pain.

After you slip off your masseuse’s table, you won’t even remember what you were worried about.


4) Treating yourself to a meal out

Life is filled with little chores which can wear you down over time. Cooking is undoubtedly one of them, as there is nothing worse than slaving over a hot stove after a hard day at the office.

If you are nearing your breaking point, hit up your favourite eatery instead. This will give your reeling mind a much-needed rest. Eating your favourite comfort foods will trigger the production of serotonin, a mood-enhancing compound.

Incorporate healthier choices (e.g. sweet potato fries, hearty soups, etc.) on occasion, though, as frequent indulgences in high-fat, high-carb foods can negatively impact your health in the long-term.


5) Phoning a friend

Human beings are social animals, yet modern society has isolated us more than ever. Sometimes, all you need is the ear of an understanding, empathetic friend.

Studies have shown communicating with friends on a regular basis lowers levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for the stress response.

Go ahead and bare your soul to your BFF: not only will you be reassured and potentially gain some useful advice, but it will also help defuse the compound behind your sense of unease.


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