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Nectar mattress reviews: is it worth your time and money?

You may have read different Nectar mattress reviews on their site and, well, all over the internet. However, this one is a little different. If you have wondered if a Nectar mattress is worth your time (and money), keep reading. We all want to be our favorite self for the day. While looking good plays a big part in being your best self, feeling good plays a more significant role.



Just another mattress? Nectar Mattress Reviews


Nectar sleep mattress has stood out as one of the world’s best and leading mattress providers over recent years. The organization is known for its top-rated mattresses that come with modern technology and maximum comfort, and its white-glove service. Importantly, Nectar features a one year trial period and sufficient warranty period. A years worth of sleep for a trial? I’ll take that.


Let’s look in detail, all you need to know, about nectar sleep mattress.


Nectar Mattresses: what’s the deal?

Nectar sleep mattress is an organization that sells mattresses online directly to its customers, saving you time, money, and cutting out the middle-men. Due to its services and performance, the organization has enjoyed a good market across all the states in the United States including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska.


Very few mattresses have taken the world by storm like Nectar. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I have ever used the words “mattresses have taken the world by storm” before right now. As stated, Nectar mattresses also come with 365-night trial and a sufficient amount of warranty. So it is no surprise as to why they’re one of the best mattress sellers in the world.


All the evaluations of nectar mattresses can tell you that their products are very trustable and this one will be no different. The entire one year trial period is a crystal-clear provider of self-confidence to the engineer, sleep experts, and designers who have established the nectar bed mattress.


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Features of Nectar mattresses

Soft and Tencel cooling cotton blend cover

The material is very eco-friendly and ensures maximum performance for all the users. It also features a one-inch layer of foam that relieves pressure and keeps you fresh throughout your sleeping time.


Perfect for a side sleeper

I am 100% a side sleeper. The presence of thick memory foam provides effective pain relievers which makes it very significant for side-sleepers. This is major because there is the increased weight which results in the creation of pressure points.


Breathable mattress – stop the gross smell

This is a result of the gel memory foam and Tencel material which is attached to the cover. Through the nectar efforts, the mattresses can regulate temperatures.


Adaptive memory foam

The foam provides more bounce and rebound than LeBron, as well as recovery foam support. At the time of writing, LeBron offers little-to-no recovery foam support.


Firm mattress with maximum comfort

The firmness mainly depends on the amount of weight and size distribution on top. The bed’s firmness usually is as a result of a transition of layers. This is very important because it ensures that the side sleepers are sufficiently supported without necessarily hitting the firmness of the base layer


The Nectar layers

Nectar mattresses normally come in sheets, and each serves a particular purpose. The layers are as follows


  • Tencel cooling cover: This is the topmost layer that promotes heat wicking, air circulation and it’s highly resistant to bedbugs.
  • Gel memory foam: The second from the top layer that reliefs pain and delivers weight distribution
  • Breathing base layer: serves as a stable foundation by supporting other layers and crucially reinforces the contouring.
  • Quilted gel memory foam: Primarily ensures air circulation, loft and importantly a perfect contour to your body.


Pros and cons: Nectar mattress reviews


  1. Affordable price
  2. Superior warranty and sleep trial
  3. Perfect motion transfer capabilities
  4. Excellent edge support
  5. High degree of bounce for a memory foam product



  1. Few complaints of the mattress being too firm (not an issue for me)
  2. Minimal complaints of sleeping hot (again, not a problem for me. I am always hot *fire emoji*)


Delivery options

Nectar mattresses are shipped and delivered efficiently and safely. The mattress comes in your common sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen and California King Sizes. Additionally, the beds are usually compressed, sealed and then shipped in protective carrier bags. If you have purchased a nectar mattress of any size, it comes with a couple of complimentary pillows. The weight for the shipment ranges from a twin of 45 lbs to a king of 89 lbs. The consignment is generally to any place in the United States including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska.


Additionally, for 48 American states, shipping is usually free. Delivery charges only apply to places like Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. As a customer, if you will prefer going for the white gloves delivery, you can pay $149 and get the services. The white gloves services majorly involve packaging removal and in-home assembly. If you pay an addition of $20 to the $140, the white gloves services will also include old mattress removal.


Nectar prides itself on a strict delivery policy. Firstly, the distributions are managed through FedEx Ground. As a mattress consumer who has purchased from nectar, you will receive your luggage within 1 to 5 business days. If there is a delay for your mattress, the organization will contact you and importantly provide you with an appropriate date estimate. If you need a modification of the delivery dates, the company is also capable of doing so.


Furthermore, if you want to treat yourself and have requested for the white gloves services, you should expect the delivery within 3 to 7 business days.


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Technology in the mattress that has made it a success

  • Motion isolation– The beds have been made with memory foam which ensures that motion does not take place when someone shifts their action or gets up.
  • Conformity– The nectar mattresses are made in such a way that they conform with the sleeper’s figure, therefore, creating an impression that targets pressure points and more importantly, aligns the spine.
  • Temperatures Neutrality– The featured memory foam usually retains much of the heat than any of the materials used in the mattress, ensuring that the sleeper sleeps hot.
  • Edge-support– about the manner in which the mattress is constructed, the memory foam comes with a little to no edge support.
  • Easy of moving and rotation– The mattress is made in such a way that the memory foam is lighter allowing free movement and rotation. There is no need for flipping of the bed since only a single side is meant for sleeping.


Conclusion – 9/10 

Nectar mattress reviews have been extremely positive online, and they are undoubtedly some of the best and top-rated mattresses that you can go for.

Seriously, they are excellent. The mattresses feature the latest technology, enables you to neutralize your temperature, edge support, conformity as well as comfort and ease of moving and rotation.

If you are looking for a modern and highly comfortable mattress, go for nectar mattresses. Even with the few complaints about firmness, I see no issue, and the year-long return policy means you can try it for yourself, risk-free.


If you have any other questions about the product, there is a thorough FAQ section on their website.


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