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Three tips on how to survive the Mercury retrograde

Well, we’re now into our first ‘Mercury retrograde’ of 2018! Wait, what is ‘Mercury retrograde’ you ask? Well, seen from the Earth, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in its orbit suddenly. It isn’t really; it’s just perceived to be from where we are on our planet.


Mercury’s retrograde can happen several times a year. Astrologers down the ages have noticed that when Mercury does go retrograde like this, things associated with the planet Mercury (such as travel, communications and technology relating to such matters) seem to go AWOL, get delayed or stop working entirely.



In reality this doesn’t happen to everyone, everywhere, at the same time of course – otherwise, the world and our moving around in it would come to a halt. However, anyone who’s Astrological Birth Chart shows sensitivity in the degree areas where Mercury is shifting when in retrograde, are strongly advised to make a few changes, checks, and be all around more aware to avoid getting affected. 


The three tips for surviving the Mercury retrograde!


  1. Double-Check travel times. If you have any flights planned, make sure you double (and triple check those boarding passes).
  2. Read and re-read the fine print of essential documents. Maybe for a few weeks read those terms before clicking the little box.
  3. Make sure to check any equipment you are using. Making those little checks can avoid essential material from breaking down, running out of ink, or something when the least need them too!


The bottom line is that Mercury is symbolically the planet of the ‘mind’, ‘communications’ and ‘written documents in general’. This period of time is reminding us to pay due diligence to these things. So perhaps its time to slow down and smell the flowers, rather than rushing forward on things that we should take more care of.



Warning! The first Mercury retrograde in 2018 started on March 22nd and remains that way until April 15th!


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