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Me, her, and the dog: Sarah and Harley

Clothes are weird when you think about it. Every morning, we decide to cover our fun-bits with some cloth, and that choice dictates so many parts of the rest of our day. What we wear can give us the confidence to feel like we’re walking on air, and it is the primary factor in anybody’s first impression of us.

However, while your clothes may dictate a first impression, I believe your real value shows in the company you keep.

I am lucky enough to keep some great company, so I want to combine those small choices we can make in the morning, with those who are important to me.

Furthermore, it is also an excellent opportunity to tell funny stories about my mates and take adorable photos of them and their dogs wearing bow ties.



Sarah came into my life when we were both studying at university. However, we hit it off when we started working together, running a childcare program. You’d assume that would drive two people to hate each other. However, we have been great buds ever since.

She is a beach bum, and can be found doing one of two things:

a) Eating a whole watermelon by herself
b) Complaining about a stomach-ache after earing an entire watermelon by herself.

Sarah considers herself a functioning adult. She also got so drunk that she vomited about ten hours after this photo was taken.


The Dog

Sarah’s dog, Harley is a seven(ish) year old Maltese shih tzu. He has been an honorary Heath since he was a puppy and is a beach bum, like Sarah. The two share long, luxurious walks along the coast. Some of my favourite Harley facts include he humps his bed after every meal. Harley also gets a little too excited every time Sarah gets home. Assumedly because food is following.


The Bow Tie

The bow tie featured in this shoot is the Floral Blue bow tie. It is an instant classic and adds to any occasion. Whether it be a wedding party, country races, or even a Maltese shih tzu, the bow tie comes up a treat.