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5 Strategies On How To Overcome Inner Fears

We all want to improve our lot in life. However, many of us get stuck in a rut shortly after starting. This feeling isn’t because we lack the ability, intelligence, and resources to change. As humans, we are often held back by our minds. Learning how to overcome inner fears can be a huge benefit to many aspects of our lives.


In an attempt to protect you from perceived danger, your inner muse will often paint a scary picture of an imagined future. The odds of this scenario occurring may be low, but in the theatre of your mind, it seems frighteningly real.


Below, I’ll show you how to break through this severe mental block, so you can get on the path to the bright future you deserve.     


How to overcome inner fears


Recognise its prehistoric origins


Above all else, it is essential to realise the historical significance of your negative inner voice before attempting to quiet it. Learning how to overcome our inner fears is only a relatively new concept as far as humans go.


In prehistoric times, your ancestors had real life or death decisions to make every day. If they strayed too far from home when storm clouds were on the horizon, they faced a world of trouble. They risked hypothermia from exposure, getting struck by lightning, or being washed away by a flood. If they wandered into uncharted territory without surveying it first, they risked getting eaten by predators like a sabre-toothed tiger.


These days, few real threats to our lives exist, yet our overly cautious mind still frets over every little thing. The sooner you recognise getting a new look won’t end in your premature death, the easier it will be to override anxiety surrounding the process.


Acknowledge and learn from it


Your inner voice is often wrong about the danger you face on a daily basis. However, attempting to ignore it will have the opposite intended effect. Ignoring it will amplify the fear you feel rather than defeating it.


By clearly defining the fear and anxiety it communicates, you’ll be able to take steps to alleviate these feelings. By addressing your inner Nervous Nelly’s core concerns, you will be able to silence its paralysing protests more often than not.


For example, by doing extensive research on a variety of looks and then by consulting with an experienced stylist, you’ll significantly reduce the odds of receiving a haircut which displeases you.


Compare the cost of inaction to perceived downsides


Despite your best attempts to address potential risks, your inner voice may then focus on other insecurities, ones who are a complete chance. For instance, there’s always the chance (however minuscule) your stylist might make an unfixable mistake.


While there is no way you can stop such an occurrence from happening, know your current situation won’t change unless you decide to take action.


Your feelings of inadequacy surrounding your appearance won’t go away on their own – if you change your look, there is a high chance you’ll feel better about yourself, with less than 1% chance of a botched cut making things worse.


On the other hand, the chances that you are dissatisfied with the status quo is close to a 100%. Make this point to your subconscious mind, and it will likely bend to your will, making it easier to take action.  


Plan for the worst case scenario


While it is highly likely overhauling your look will go well, sometimes, (rare) accidents will happen. The worst of negative inner voices will hone in on this. In doing so, making it impossible for even the most persuasive argument to dissuade it.


If, however, you are crippled by fear, uncertainty, and doubt, taking preventative measures and focusing on the positive won’t cut it – you’ll also have to lay out an action plan to address the worst case, scenario.


This means talking to your stylists about your deepest fears. Discuss with your stylist about what they would do if they made a significant miscue. Chances are they would be able to rework your hair in a way that looks smashing, even if it wasn’t the style envisioned at the start.   


What you fear isn’t real (most of the time)


American novelist Mark Twain once said, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” That is to say, most of the traumatic events in our lives occur in our head, not in reality.


By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to quiet that voice in your head. Doing so you can finally live the life you have always dreamed about living.


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