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How to be Healthy – even when you really don’t want to

Being healthy, and indeed, how to be healthy is different for each of us.

Really, it is.

You know what they say – a sin to you may be a charity for me. Okay, so I may have made that one up but you know what I mean.

Many of us are trying to become healthier but the truth is for far too long now; fun, food and health couldn’t be more dissimilar, in fact, they have always kind of felt like thick enemies.

But that’s all about to change.

Want to know how I can declare that?

Well, if you do, read on.

Here’s a hint – Organic Foods!


Some of us may shudder at the thought of organic foods because in our mind it tends to conjure up images of bland salads and vegetables with tofu dessert – not a lot of people’s idea of yum.

I get it – it’s not my idea of yum either!

Organic foods can, however, be a whole lot of scrumptious yum because they don’t just mean boring greens, these individual raw ingredients when tossed together can make some killer meal plans.

Cooking at home with fresh organic ingredients isn’t only going to just boost your energy levels, it’s also going to gain you some extra karma points (and who doesn’t need that?) because organic ingredients aren’t just better for you and your families, they’re also helpful for the environment which is definitely a good thing.

Get your kids and the rest of the family in on the action and make it a bonding event, soon you’ll have everyone glowing with glee and improved health too – a win-win!

Oh, and did we mention that they also tend to taste better?


It’s official – Organic Food & Fun are soul mates.


Good food is also about letting loose and relishing everything life has to offer – like chocolates and cakes, hot fries and sausages.

For far too long, enjoying taste bud glory meant succumbing to the devil on your shoulder. But not anymore – organic brownie point for us and our angelic alter egos!

With a considerable increase in food allergies, more of us are searching for organic alternatives for what we put in our tummies, especially when entertaining guests. No one wants to be the reason for the catastrophic dinner that makes the conversation starter rounds at every get-together.

It’s just a safer option to use Organic foods and better yet, maybe something you’ve actually grown and handpicked from the garden.

There are also a whole lot of options for Organic chocolates and sweets available today which means that parents and kids can be happy together – what a revolutionary concept!

Try visiting your local health outlet and/or Cooperatives for some motivation and a simple Google search like this one can help you find caterers who cater for the natural option. Just target your search to suit your locality and needs and voila! You’re set.

So are Organic Foods and parties romantically compatible? We’d go one step further and officially declare them as soul mates.


Just in case you still need convincing – Organic Party Food has arrived.


Now we know you’re unlikely to believe us completely until we give you some helpful hints for becoming more organic.

You asked so we deliver:

Try and stay seasonal.

The truth is Mother Nature isn’t dumb.

There’s a reason why certain foods blossom in some seasons and lay dormant in others, why an organic tomato is smaller and “flawed” when compared to a perfectly shaped identically to one another tomato in a large supermarket store.

There’s a reason all strawberries aren’t created equal, why organically grown ones vary in colour, texture, shape and size.

Even in taste.

Is it really possible that all raspberries grown from the same plant look exactly identical? Are we all identical, even when we’re siblings?


So why should our food be different?

Frankly, it shouldn’t.

Stick to seasonal foods and your taste buds and body will be grateful because you’re eating the exact nutrients your body needs at the time, this is the true power of consuming seasonal produce.


WIll you be heading down the Organic Highway?


Let us know about your experience with Organic Foods if you have any and if not, do you plan on trying this out? Why or Why Not? Share to show you Care …


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