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Best Colours & Fabric to Wear in the Spring

When it comes to fashion, it’s all in the details. Every season has different trends and style norms you need to know to look your best. Since spring is around the corner, today we’re going to talk about the best colours and fabrics to wear.

Choosing the Best Colours

One of the most common fashion mistakes is pairing the wrong colours together. If you can learn how to avoid this, your style will be unstoppable. Not every colour looks good on everybody though. That’s why you’ll want first to match it with your skin tone.

Those with fair skin tend to look best in darker colours that contrast with your light complexion. Navy, burgundy, greys, browns and black will be your best friends. You’ll want to stay away from very light shades or pastels. Instead, richer versions will look better on you.

Olive or tanned complexions will find that darker colours and neutrals look best on you. Reds, blues, white, oranges and brighter shades, in general, are good ideas. Brown, olive and mustard should be avoided since they blend in with your skin tone.

If you’re lucky enough to have dark skin, you can wear practically anything; This gives you the freedom anything from sports pastels to deep hues and neutrals.

In general, these are spring colours you should keep your eye out for:

  • White or shades of it.
  • Pastel colours like yellow, blue, and salmon.
  • Khaki and sand.

The atmosphere of spring is light and fun so the colours you wear should represent that. Be careful not to wear too many bright colours at the same time though. This way it doesn’t become overwhelming. For example, if you’re wearing a light blue polo shirt, you can pair it with khaki shorts and brown loafers.

The spring is also an opportune time to bring out patterns. Polka dots and stripes are timeless. They tend to look the best on shirts, but they can be pulled off on shorts too. If you want to add extra personality to an outfit, wear patterns that include fun shapes and designs.

What Fabrics to Wear

So, you know the right colours to wear. That’s just half of the battle. Putting on the right fabrics is also crucial during the spring. Otherwise, you’ll end up overheating and being uncomfortable.

Wool, cashmere and other thick materials should be avoided during the spring season. They retain heat and are too thick for the warm weather. If there is a chilly evening, you may be able to throw one on though.

Layering also needs to be limited. Wear a light undershirt at most with whatever else you have on, this will make sure you don’t get too hot.

Linen is one of the best spring fabrics because it is lightweight and breathable. You can find everything from pants, shorts, shirts and more in linen. It has a natural textured appearance which looks stylish on its own. Try wearing linen shorts with a polo and casual footwear for a classic spring look.

Next is cotton. Odds are you already have some cotton t-shirts or other apparel. Cotton also has a lightweight structure similar to linen that makes it great for spring. You should even wear clothing made of polyester since it naturally wicks moisture and is breathable.

While not the most common or affordable, silk is a soft and smooth material for the spring. Shirts are the best option if you’re going to wear silk. You’ll want to pair with formal footwear like loafers along with shorts or chinos.

To look your best this spring, follow the above tips and you’ll be set. Focus on wearing bright colours, pastels, and light neutrals. Balance them out to assure that your outfit isn’t overwhelming. Linen, cotton, and polyester are the best fabrics to keep you fresh. Go easy on layering and avoid thick materials like wool. Doing all of this will make sure you are both looking good and feeling good.


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