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The ultimate cheat sheet for Spring Racing fashion

Everybody loves spring. I have crazy hayfever and I still love spring! The weather is finally nice again, and Christmas is just around the bend. Also, with spring comes the famed Spring Racing Carnival. With the Melbourne Cup being the feature race, the carnival has plenty of race days, all with an opportunity to look your best. The Spring Racing fashion is almost as big a show as the races.


Spring is the few of months of the year we are all experts on horse racing. Everybody has a ‘system’ and it is the best one out there (trust me). You have your small wad of cash you’re convinced will quickly turn into a large wad.


The Spring Racing Carnival is a perfect opportunity to show your personality through your outfit. The sun is out, the grass is green, and the smell of bad decisions is in the air. Embrace the atmosphere and dress to impress with this handy cheat sheet. You will have everybody assume you know what you’re doing, and let’s be honest, isn’t that what it’s all about?

spring racing fashion


Fit is key

A well fitted cheap suit will look substantially better than an expensive sack that is too big. Check out this video guide from the guys and girls at

Seriously though, I cannot understate this. Make sure your suit fits before you take any further action. Trust me.



Show your true colours

The best part about spring racing fashion is the splashes of colour around the track. Take the opportunity to really experiment with colours that you may not have previously thought about using. You don’t have to go too crazy. In fact, too much colour is an eyesore. However, whatever you do, make sure you have fun with it. It may be a bow tie, a shirt, blazer, or even a pocket square to let you stand out from the crowd. Pairing one nice splash of colour to your well-fitted suit will be the icing on the cake which is your race day.


Try a bow tie

The bow tie is back, baby. No longer is a bow tie reserved for doctors, outrageously nerdy types, and Pee Wee Herman. A bow tie “says you’re confident in what you do and sure of who you are.” Look through the store and find a bow tie that matches your personality this Spring. Furthermore, the bow tie is even edging its way into the mainstream. Work correctly, a bow tie can fit in anywhere from the races, to the workplace, and even casually.



Spring racing fashion faux pas

Okay, you have your well-fitted suit, you have a splash of colour, and you have a kickass bow tie. You are basically done. All you need to do is avoid these. At all costs.

  • Showing some ankle – Dude, wear some socks. You’re embarrassing yourself.
  • Sneakers with your suit – I know they are ways you can pull the look off, the spring races are not the place.
  • Too much colour – If you walk out the door looking like a magic eye book you have too much going on. Stick to a few big colours and pair it with neutral colours.
  • Leather anywhere but your shoes.
  • Miss the weather forecast – No point looking good if I can smell you from the other end of the straight. Dress for the sun and avoid heavy materials.