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(new) Six best groomsmen gift box ideas for 2018

This list of the best groomsmen gift box ideas will make sure those special men in your life say yes. I could tell you how amazing personalised groomsmen boxes are, but I won’t, I’ll let you find that out for yourself.


You’ve popped the big question; now you need to pop the even bigger ones. You need to ask your best friends to be by your side on the biggest day of your life. Sounds pretty daunting, and it can be. However, with a personalised gift box for your groomsmen, you will have a happy bridal party. Here are best groomsmen box ideas on the market.


1. The Wedding Bow Tie

Wheather you have organised your suits or not (let’s be honest, you haven’t), a colourful bow tie should be the staple of your groomsmen box this year. If you’re not convinced, it’s okay, buy one and convince yourself.

By now I am sure you are aware that 2018 is all about colour. So if you don’t want to go the more traditional route, then you can spice it up a bit! Regardless, your future groomsmen will be ready to be their favourite selves with their new gift.

Find it here

What we recommend:

Why Knot Ties: Floral Blue


2. Happy Socks

Colourful and cheerful socks aren’t anything new. If you stare at enough ankles at a formal occasion, you will be sure to find some colour down there.

Happy Socks are the market leader at the moment, and if you cannot decide on what to buy your groomsmen, you can get the gift box. Or, depending on the size of your gift boxes, buy the set and give each groomsman.

If you want local, Pussyfoot socks are an excellent Australian brand.

Find it here.

What we recommend:

Happy Socks 4-pack boxed set: $35.00


3. Wooden Hair Comb


You are probably aware by now that men’s styling is no joke. So start with a staple for any man. A wooden comb is an excellent filler for the gift box and something that will get used daily.

While you can buy hair combs anywhere, a stylish wooden comb sets No pretty decorations, no fluffing around and build to last.

Alternatively, you can go with a beard grooming set, depending on your groomsmen targets.

Find it here.

What we recommend:

Wooden Comb from The Rocky Mountain Barber Company: $19.97


4. A Classic Aftershave

If you’re planning a classic gift box, then an old school aftershave is a must. While any aftershave or cologne will work, a more classical ‘burns like poison when you put it on’ aftershave will separate the boys from the men.

The miraculous Fine Snake Bite After Shaving Tonic burns like hell, freezes like the snow and cures all that ails you. If you had told me you bought a bottle of tonic like this from the back of a wagon in the old west, I might have believed you.

Find it here.

What we recommend:

Fine Classic After Shave – Snakebite: $22


5. Some he-jewellery

Male jewellery is in style. Adding a personal touch to your wrist with a stylish bracelet that can be worn daily.

The Dock, Mr Mlbrn is a timeless piece to add to your wrist wear collection. By utilising the Anchor as its centrepiece, “The Dock” mimics Melbourne’s iconic Docklands Anchor which hangs midair next to Etihad stadium.

Find it here.

What we recommend

The Dock by Mr Melbrn: $29.95


6. A shirt for the buck’s party

Buck’s party, stag do, bachelor party, whatever you call it, you need to rally the troops.

So when you’re decking out the boys with their groomsmen box, get the buck’s party started early with matching shirts. They are sure to be a hit. They are also almost guaranteed to get a re-wear in any backyard cricket match or other excuses for day drinking.

Find it here.

What we recommend:


So in summary, stick to the classics, but don’t be afraid to introduce a bit of colour!


If you also want the four menswear trends for 2018, then download our infographic!


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